1. What’s the minimum order?

– A box of 8 cookies.

2. Do you deliver?

– We only offer pick-ups at Greenhills, San Juan, as of the moment. However, if by chance I’m headed your way, we could arrange a quick meet up so I can give the orders.

3. How long do the baked goods last?

– The bars, cookies and loaves stay fresh 3-5 days in room temperature and 5-7 days in the chiller. On the other hand, the cheesecake should be kept in the chiller good for 5-7 days.

4. Can you make baked goods sugar-free?

– No.

5. Can you remove the nuts?

– Yes.

6. Do you have smaller cookies?
– Yes we do. These are available in bulk orders of 50 / 100 pieces.

7. Do you have any cookies with nuts?
– Since a lot of people are allergic to nuts, we’re currently trying to avoid using them in most of our recipes.

8. How do we store the baked goods?

– Ideally, the baked goods should be kept in the chiller, but room temperature is okay as well. Personally, I like to keep it in room temperature because it’s as good as fresh! The cheesecake should be stored in the chiller.


** Please keep all baked goods away from direct sunlight.