B & P

I would often hear my mom say, “ang lapit lapit na nga pero hindi pa rin napupuntahan!” True enough, B&P has been operating for how many months now yet I was only able to try it last month. What’s funny is that I used to live in the Shaw Boulevard area and I would pass by this restaurant EVERY SINGLE DAY going to school yet never really got the chance to try it out not until we moved to the Greenhills area.


The place looked really simple concentrating on a very sunny color that will surely brighten anyone’s day. Because of the limited space of the restaurant, the L-shape dining space can only accommodate an estimate of 30 customers. The exterior look of the open kitchen was designed as a kitchen cupboard hence the tagline, “just like home”.

Primera Tapa (P280)

Tapa or tapsilog is a classic dish that can be found in every restaurant that serves breakfast. In B&P, this happens to be their bestseller and I must say that this is one of the restaurant that serves the best tapsilogs in town. The Angus Beef tapa, without a doubt, was cooked to perfection making it very tender and flavorful. Some restaurants would put more sauce to their tapa to compensate for the toughness of the beef but in B&P, everything was perfect. Even the garlic rice was cooked with a twist that surely complemented the viand.

Don Malutong (P270)

AN ENJOYABLE DISH TO START OFF YOUR MORNING. Another hit dish in B&P is their crispy pork belly which is accompanied by their very own garlic rice, an egg and some papaya relish. The crispy pork belly seems inadequate but you’d be surprise how filling this dish is.

Happy heart and happy tummy! Not only were these two dishes reasonably priced but they were already enough to start our day. Apart from the dishes, what I love about this restaurant are the sizzling bowls. It is very rare for a restaurant to serve their food in sizzling bowls unless they offer Chinese, Korean or Japanese dishes. So this is really surprising especially since B&P is a breakfast place. For people like me, who love eating their food when it is still really hot, this is the place for you!

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