Artsy Café

UP and Ateneo may be relatively near to one another but because of the different class schedules and work load we have, I don’t see my Maroon girls anymore. Gladly, we were all free one Wednesday for lunch and so we decided to hit Maginhawa Street, which is relatively nearer to UP, since W had to eat-and-run because she had class.

To be honest, what made us decide to try the place out was not the food but rather it was the restaurant’s dainty interiors. As one drives along the street of Maginhawa, there’s no doubt Artsy Café wouldn’t be missed because of its eye-catching colors that sets it apart from its neighbors.

Lemon Basil (P70)

An ordinary drink but truly refreshing!

Market Salad with Chicken (P140)

An ample serving of chicken in salads would definitely brighten up a customer’s day especially when this seems to be one’s meal already! This particular salad never tasted dull and because of the mixed tastes of every topping there was a burst of flavor in every bite.

Lengua (P180)

This dish may seem plain-looking and unappealing but wait until you dive your fork into the pool of brown sauce. The lengua was very tender, as expected, and though it was thinly sliced, it was still very filling.

Puttanesca (P120)

I don’t normally order this particular pasta in any restaurant but E does, so when she first took a bite, she wasn’t at all satisfied with how it tasted. There was something different about the pasta but we couldn’t figure out what it was.

Artsy Café, by its name, truly has that artsy vibe, literally, as you’ll find different creative pieces on every wall. The bar area, which is my favorite part of the café, looks so clean but still living up to its name.

With all the hype the café’s getting, I think it’s not really because of the food rather the design since the food appeared to be just okay, there was really nothing special although there is no doubt that their dishes are really affordable. With the few dishes that we ordered, the Market Salad with Chicken and Lengua are definitely worth a try for first timers. One thing I didn’t like about the place is the service because just when we got there, we didn’t feel at all relaxed since the waiter kept coming back asking for our orders even though we weren’t ready yet. Seems to me that they wanted a faster turn-over just so they could accommodate more people but pressuring customers to order just so they can leave right after is a bit rude. I think this was one of the reasons why my first experience in Artsy Café wasn’t as pleasant as I hoped it to be. Nevertheless, the art is worthy of the hype but the food is a bit questionable.

E, W and I really had a quick lunch. Even so, we were able to catch up with each other’s lives and though we do not see each other on a regular basis, our friendship never changed. As they say, high school friends are forever. 🙂


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