One thing I love about school – VACATION BREAKS! Well, actually, that’s the only thing I love about school lol why? Because not only do I get to take a break from all the requirements but I get to hang-out with my friends and at the same time try out new restaurants and the ones I’ve been dying to try like 12/10!

Ever since I tried The Girl + The Bull (which I really loved) in BF Homes, I decided to follow them on Instagram and one day I saw a post, a clue, that they will be opening another restaurant, and this time, in the metro. To my excitement, I made sure to keep myself posted and when the name of the restaurant was already revealed, still, I wasn’t sure when the opening date will be. 12/10 – it could either be opened on October 12 or December 10. Yes, I took the name literally. I was still left puzzled until one day I didn’t realize that the restaurant had opened already. I told myself that I would eat there as soon as it opens but sadly, I wasn’t able to. I was so frustrated because I’ve been seeing a lot of food posts on my Instagram feed and felt helpless, thinking when it can be my turn.

Since my cousin is coming back from London and her cousin, who happens to be very dear to me as well, is coming back from Bacolod, I decided to have a date with both of them. Finally, the long wait is over! 🙂

I am truly a fan of The Girl + The Bull and even the couple, Gab and Thea, who are behind these two restaurants. Follow them on Instagram and see how cute they both are! <3 With both their creativity combined, I must say, they can create a masterpiece.

I couldn’t help but compare both restaurants even though they are far from being identical. Just like The Girl + The Bull, 12/10 was a bit hard to find since there weren’t any signage and it happens to be located at a very unfamiliar place in Makati, where I don’t normally go to. But thank you, Waze, for showing me the way! The restaurant was a bit dim great for night-outs and has a limited space but not cramped. From what I read, 12/10 is totally different from The Girl + The Bull and a more personal one making almost each art inside the restaurant have a meaning.

Menu is very limited with an estimate of four dishes per category. Each category is labeled with numbers in ascending order classifying dishes from the least to the most filling. Since it was everyone’s first time, the server told us to get at least two per each category so we did as we were told.

Whoops! I forgot the name of the drink but from what I can remember, it is a gin tonic. Known for their cocktails, our server also helped us pick which cocktails are best paired with the dishes we ordered.

Raw Tuna Salad (P240)

The first appetizer we had composed of kyuro, yuzu kosho, maple syrup, ebiko, shichimi and nori. The taste of the nori was very powerful and it greatly complemented the raw tuna. Everyone agreed that it was good but at the same time it felt like something was lacking. It would’ve been better if the dish was chilled rather than served with room temperature. This particular appetizer is best eaten when mixed.

Mackarel Ceviche (P195)

Another raw fish appetizer from the first category. The radish served as dividers for each mackerel which had their respective dips. To have a taste of everything, I ate it, in such a way, that I dipped the mackerel on the sauce and laid the radish flat to put the mackerel on top of it, that way there is no dry area since the dip is between the radish and the raw fish. Just like the other dish, I had nothing against it but it would’ve been better if it were served chilled.

Blowtorched Salmon (P280)

Off to the second category, of course, the word “uni” and “caviar” caught my eye. The dish originally comes with two pieces of salmon but seeing that we were three, the server told us that we could have a half-order that way everyone can have a fair share. The dish contains uni, caviar, Panko, nori, shiso, ponzu and sea salt. You would be surprised by the ingredients they put since the only ones visible are the salmon, uni, caviar and nori. The salmons were cooked perfectly but then again, there was no “oomph” factor from the entire dish. Sure there was a good amount of caviar for each salmon but it would’ve been better if the uni had more flavor since salmons typically have a mild taste.

Chicken Wing Karaage (P270)

A DISH THAT I WOULDN’T MIND ORDERING OVER AND OVER AGAIN. When asked by our serve how our food were, one of my comments was that this particular dish tasted like Jollibee. He found it unusual since no one has really ever compared it to the bee. But, its true! Well, at least for me. Compared to the usually karaage, 12/10 decided to twist it a bit by coating it with fish sauce caramel.

Katsu Sando (P260)

NOT YOUR ORDINARY KATSU. The katsu was molded like burger patties which came along with yuzu kusho, tare, red cabbage and kyui, placed between the steamed buns. Another dish that originally comes with two pieces but then again we were told to get a half-order. It may look like it’s very filling but you would be surprised that you can stuff more food in your tummy.

Salmon Kushiyaki (P290)

A WONDERFUL COMBINATION. Another salmon dish but this time cut into cubes and placed on a stick topped with curry, corn flakes, black sesame and aonori, a certain ingredient quite similar to nori. By this time, I started to notice that almost every dish served had nori on it. Seems to me this restaurant is obsessed about nori. LOL There was a burst of flavor from each bite since almost every ingredient, truffle oil, curry and aonori, put had strong flavors each. Nevertheless, the flavors blended very well.

Toro Onigiri (P410)

And we’re down to the last category. The toro onigiri is said to be one of the bestsellers in the house. My cousin felt a bit disappointed since toro should be fatty yet it didn’t seem like it. The taste was okay and it was really filling. Again, it should come with only two pieces but our server suggested that we get a half-order to have a fair amount each.

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the food. Don’t get me wrong, there wasn’t a single dish that didn’t taste good but there wasn’t a single dish that stood out as well. Sure, every dish seemed to be unique especially with I-didn’t-know-that-exists ingredients they used and how they were able to conceptualize each dish but none of them were really outstanding. Among all, I would suggest the Raw Tuna Salad, Chicken Wing Karaage and Salmon Kushiyaki. Well, even beforehand, I was already told that the place is really known for their cocktails more than the food, which I found to be true. 12/10 is an izakaya-inspired establishment where small plates are being served and having said that, you may create your very own DIY degustacion especially since they suggest and adjust their serving depending on how many you are but with additional costs. The prices range from P200-300; it may appear cheap but you’d be surprised once you get the bill. Ours reached around P1000/person.

Hoping that they can spice up their dishes soon!

I would like to thank our server, Kyle, for being so kind and for entertaining all of our questions 🙂


Details of 12/10 can be found in this link.


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