Page 1 of 365

Days before the start of the year, I would find myself reflecting on the year that has passed, thinking how I can sum up 2017 and only two words came into my mind – self-discovery and self-love.

What started out as a new beginning turned out to be a complete disaster, one I didn’t expect to end so soon. I would think to myself what I must have done wrong for things not to go my way. I never felt so disappointed and insecure. I felt like there was a problem with me and that maybe I am difficult to handle that no one stays. Business was also stagnant for months and I didn’t know what my team and I were doing wrong. Confused, I couldn’t understand what it is that I was truly feeling as everything seemed to happen all at the same time. Slowly, I figured what I was lacking – self-love.

They say that self-love is the first step to actually loving someone. How can you love someone when you do not even know how to love yourself, right? It took a while before I finally admitted to myself that I forgot how it is to love myself first. I was so busy thinking of the people around me, what I can do to make them happy and proud, that I forgot to put myself first. I, too, should make myself happy and make myself proud. After this realization, I promised to allocate all the time that I have to work on myself and be a better me and just get to know myself even more.

Equally, it was a year of self-discovery, going after what I am truly passionate about – food and adventure. I managed to enroll myself in a culinary school, which I thought would be an impossible dream already. I’ve never been this excited to go to school even if it means standing up for more than 6 hours and working in a very hot kitchen. I would juggle both work and studies throughout the day while trying to squeeze in some gym time in between. It was a challenge (juggling everything, I mean) especially during the construction period of our new branch (visit us in SM City Clark!) but, I think I needed that. I needed the excitement and thrill of going out of my comfort zone. I needed something new. Ultimately, I needed the challenge to see how much more I can take.

As I look back at 2017, it wasn’t an easy road. I stumbled, tripped and broke down a lot (the second and third quarter of the year were really tough) but, one thing is for sure – I didn’t dwell, I always made sure that I stood back up no matter how much time it took, no matter how hard it was. I wouldn’t say I had the worst year, because despite all the lows, there were so many things to be thankful for. I just thought that I’d end the year with a frown on my face, scared of the year ahead thinking it might be just the same. But, life is full of surprises. There was a change of heart. Just few days before the very last day of 2017, I felt so much love in my heart, afraid yet excited for the year that lies ahead. It seemed like there was a fire in me. Hopeful of what is yet to come. Suddenly, I do not fear the unknown but welcome it with open arms.

Today is page 1 of 365 and I just cannot wait for what this year has in store for me.


For making me stronger just when I thought I was already strong enough,
For the mishaps and bittersweet endings,
For all the learnings I got and mistakes I did and all the in-betweens,
Thank you, 2017, you made me a fighter.

(As cliché as it may sound) 2018, I’m ready for you! 🙂
Here’s to a year full of love, adventure and happiness!

P.S. Here’s to having more time to also share with you snippets of my little adventures!

Artsy Café

UP and Ateneo may be relatively near to one another but because of the different class schedules and work load we have, I don’t see my Maroon girls anymore. Gladly, we were all free one Wednesday for lunch and so we decided to hit Maginhawa Street, which is relatively nearer to UP, since W had to eat-and-run because she had class.


One thing I love about school – VACATION BREAKS! Well, actually, that’s the only thing I love about school lol why? Because not only do I get to take a break from all the requirements but I get to hang-out with my friends and at the same time try out new restaurants and the ones I’ve been dying to try like 12/10!

Ever since I tried The Girl + The Bull (which I really loved) in BF Homes, I decided to follow them on Instagram and one day I saw a post, a clue, that they will be opening another restaurant, and this time, in the metro. To my excitement, I made sure to keep myself posted and when the name of the restaurant was already revealed, still, I wasn’t sure when the opening date will be. 12/10 – it could either be opened on October 12 or December 10. Yes, I took the name literally. I was still left puzzled until one day I didn’t realize that the restaurant had opened already. I told myself that I would eat there as soon as it opens but sadly, I wasn’t able to. I was so frustrated because I’ve been seeing a lot of food posts on my Instagram feed and felt helpless, thinking when it can be my turn.

Since my cousin is coming back from London and her cousin, who happens to be very dear to me as well, is coming back from Bacolod, I decided to have a date with both of them. Finally, the long wait is over! 🙂

B & P

I would often hear my mom say, “ang lapit lapit na nga pero hindi pa rin napupuntahan!” True enough, B&P has been operating for how many months now yet I was only able to try it last month. What’s funny is that I used to live in the Shaw Boulevard area and I would pass by this restaurant EVERY SINGLE DAY going to school yet never really got the chance to try it out not until we moved to the Greenhills area.